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About Yoga Pathways


Yoga Pathways has been operating in Canberra for over 15 years, and some testimonials of students are outlined below.


The range of services provided by Yoga Pathways are available not only during the scheduled timeslots, but are also available for Corporate, workplace and private practices at mutually agreed times. 


The primary teacher for all classes is Lou Nulley who is a qualified yoga instructor and a member of Yoga Australia.

Lou is also a Personal Trainer, holds a black belt in martial arts and focuses on the wellbeing of mind and body.


Apart from his yoga qualifications, Lou also has qualifications in meditation teaching, counselling and Life Coaching (recognised by the International Meditation Teacher’s Association and the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists) as well as mindfulness teaching training based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.

When Lou is unavailable, classes will normally be taken by either Heinz, Jon or Jenny.  All have studied yoga at the same yoga teacher training school as Lou.

Lou Nulley


Lou is a great teacher; he is always very helpful and can answer any questions you may have about the class.  He allows you to work at your own pace and offers alternatives for every level.  Hatha yoga with Lou has been very beneficial for me, in both strength building and emotional gain.  I would recommend this class for anyone who has an interest in yoga; it’s amazing how much you can get out each class. I always leave feeling revitalised and happier about the week ahead!                                      - Erin  

I have been attending Yoga Pathways classes for many years. Lou is very welcoming, provides clear instruction, is capable, genuine and engaged. The classes are organised, contain variety and are held in an environment that is relaxed and friendly. Everyone is encouraged to work to their own ability which makes the classes suitable for students of all skill levels.

- Gabriella

Lou's yoga class environment is great- I like the community feel of it!

- Felicity

Lou's classes are fantastic! My partner and I have been going to Lou's classes on and off for the past 6 years. We always walk away from class feeling very relaxed and recharged. Thanks Lou!

- Jess

I have participated in Lou’s yoga classes for the last 6 months. Lou provides a holistic view of yoga and I find that the atmosphere is both relaxing and challenging as he encourages participants to work at their own pace.  Yoga has helped me physically, mentally and spiritually and has helped me remain positive and grounded through a challenging period of my life.  Prior to yoga I felt lethargic, tired and experienced a mind full of chatter. Since practicing I now have a more calm and positive approach to life; feel confident that I am able to face challenges as they come my way and now find the strength to react to situations in a healthy way. Thank you Lou.

- Anna

I've been practicing yoga with Lou for a few years and I look forward to attending class each week. I really like the relaxed atmosphere and that we are all encouraged to practice at our own pace. Lou takes the time to explain each yoga pose and offer options for beginners and more advanced students. Each class ends with a meditation session that leaves me refreshed and ready to face the week ahead.

- Jodie

Lou Nulley Nepal

My wife attended Lou's yoga class for a couple of years and suggested I should join. We have been attending together for over four years now. Lou's classes cater for all levels ensuring that beginners are given clear directions and feedback while more experienced participants are given options for more challenging activities. The classes are very welcoming and both new and regular participants are made to feel part of the group. Lou is very friendly and takes a genuine interest in all members of the class. We both leave each class feeling much more relaxed and it has made a great difference to my flexibility. I have recommended Lou's class to many people.

- John

The classes are friendly, non-competitive and fun. Lou's clear explanation and demonstration of all the yoga poses allows even the novice to participate fully.  At the end of the class, every muscle has been stretched and you feel relaxed and energised. It is always worth the effort, even on a cold winter night.

- Janet

I thoroughly enjoy attending Lou's Yoga classes.  Not only are they challenging, flowing and fun, but afterwards I am left with a sense of achievement and inner peace.  Lou is not only a fantastic practitioner, he is an excellent teacher. His compassion and down-to-earth approach to yoga is inspiring.  I would highly recommend taking Yoga classes with Lou to anyone.

- Brooke

Lou is an insightful, very supportive and skilful yoga instructor. Within the class his approach provides a sense of calmness, confidence and a positive outlook to participants. He models the movements as he gently directs us enabling us to have a clear idea of what to do.  His classes are very well balanced. The class begins with a short overview of the benefits of yoga, proceeds through a gentle warm up to a range of movements to improve our posture, tone our muscles and increase flexibility.  A highlight of the night is a relaxation activity when one can shed the stresses of the day.  Some of the benefits we have gained include increased flexibility, feeling more energised and developing an understanding of the role yoga can play in improving our well- being.

- Wendy and Tom

Lou is an incredibly welcoming yoga teacher who has helped me gain confidence in yoga and establish mindfulness in every day life. Returning to yoga/fitness after having a child I was nervous about how far behind I'd be but I've quickly felt results from Lou's yoga class. I have thoroughly enjoyed the topics Lou presents during the class and during the meditation and feel energised and inspired to face the rest of the week.

- Kylie


I have been attending these yoga classes for a few years now, and am definitely feeling the benefits both physically and mentally. Lou, the instructor is very experienced and knowledgable; his classes cater for both the beginners and the more experienced.

- Barbara

My partner and I have been attending Lou's yoga classes for a couple of years now. We find them incredibly good for our wellbeing, both physically and mentally. There is never any pressure, it's a very welcoming and supportive environment, and Lou is a great instructor.

- Kylie

Lou's classes have shown me how to stop, take note of my breathing and to relax. Love my weekly workout.

- Lesley

I have attended a few yoga classes by Lou and I always leave the class feeling relaxed and good about myself. Lou is a person you like to be around, he has a kind and thoughtful nature. I tell my friends about his classes saying how good they are and I am looking forward starting a new term at Yoga Pathways.

- Jarod

I have been attending Yoga Pathways for a number of years now and it plays a vital role in my busy week, and one I look forward to every Monday night. Lou is a very friendly, experienced and clear instructor who takes the time to explain all postures, moves and stretches thoroughly. I particularly look forward to the calming meditation and I leave the room with an overall feeling of happiness.

- Narelle

Lou is an incredibly welcoming, patient and kind instructor. I have enjoyed attending classes and always feel revitalized after every session. It is suitable for all levels of experience and I feel comfortable in my surroundings.

- Rosie

Lou's class is great for both beginner's and more advanced students. I particularly enjoy the pace of the class...and the fact that Lou provides options for different poses if you are feeling strong, or not as energetic. Regular attendance keeps my mind relaxed and my body stronger and more flexible.

- Cathie

I enjoy classes at Yoga Pathways very much. They are suitable for all levels, with lots of variety from week to week, and modifications encouraged. Instruction is clear, and the atmosphere welcoming.

- Andrea

Lou's holistic approach, friendliness and clear instruction make the Yoga Pathways classes a pleasure to attend. The classes attract students of all skill levels and individuals are able to practise at their own pace in a non-judgemental environment.

- Valerie

I always enjoy class at Yoga Pathways. I am able to develop my practice at my own pace in a supportive , friendly and professional environment. Lou is an accomplished and approachable instructor, with a few words of wisdom each class which I always appreciate.

- Jodie

I have been attending Lou's classes for two terms now.  I always look forward to that hour of my week.  It's a great workout, can be as challenging as you want it to be and leaves you feeling energised and centred.  I especially enjoy the relaxation part at the end of class which helps give me clarity of mind.  Great location too!

- Jonathan

I am comparatively new to yoga and really enjoy Lou's class.  I find the stretching and meditation extremely beneficial as I am toning up but I also feeling much less stressed and more relaxed.  I would recommend the class to both beginners and those who are experienced at yoga as I think Lou instructs to meet all skill levels.

- Lea-anne

In Feburary 2006 I sustained a burns injury to 22% of my body. As part of my rehabilitation Yoga was suggested to me by my doctor. In 2008 I started Yoga with Lou Nulley. From my first class I felt better spiritually and after three classes my body really started to respond positively. I started to do Yoga at home for twenty minutes a night, as well as classes, and I have been astounded at how fast my flexibility has started to return. I feel more confident and strong in myself then I have in the last two years

- Lisa

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