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Yogapathways range of corporate workplace and individual services

Corporate and Individual

Services Available

Corporate, workplace and private yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions are also available. 


These sessions can be tailored to meet the particular needs of an organisation or an individual from a practical and/or theoretical perspective.  The range of topics can either be specifically related to yoga, mindfulness, meditation, stress management, physical fitness and nutrition, or a combination of any of these topics. Please contact Yoga Pathways to find out more.

Yogapathways corporate services

A Life Coaching and professional leadership service is also available to help develop structured goals, a balanced lifestyle and a framework to enable you to effectively achieve what is most important to you, based on timeless values and principles.  The service can also include a customised plan that addresses the causes of stress in your life and an action plan to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do private sessions cost?

Private sessions are normally of 1.5 hours duration and cost between $100 and $150, depending on the service requested.

Who would benefit from a Life Coach?

Any person who wants to gain the traction, vision and clarity to know what to do to achieve their goals and deal with the many competing demands on their time.

How frequently do I meet with a Life Coach?

A program usually starts off with a fortnightly meeting over 2 months.  From there you can decide to continue, depending on what you want to achieve.

For a no obligation consultation, please contact Yoga Pathways

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