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Class Overview

Yoga Classes Tuggeranong ACT

Yoga Pathways provides two styles of yoga – Hatha yoga and Restorative yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Classes are designed for beginners and intermediate level students to increase strength, vitality and inner peace.

Steady postures and deep breath work emphasise balance of body and mind while enhancing flexibility, stamina & muscular endurance.  A guided relaxation and meditation closes the session, leaving you feeling energised, centred and calm.

Classes are of 75 minutes duration and begin with some breathing techniques to relax the body and calm the mind, followed by a gentle series of movements to open the joints, unblock and stimulate energy flow.  The class then moves through a flowing series of dynamic and static postures to cleanse and strengthen, whilst continuing to generate and circulate energy throughout the whole body.  The class concludes with a meditation to balance and centre the mind and body.

There is an emphasis on mindfulness practices throughout the classes so that students can apply this awareness both on and off the mat.

Restorative Yoga

The focus of the Restorative yoga class is stress release and total relaxation.  The class is characterised by gentle yoga poses, applying some Yin yoga principles (i.e. holding or resting in the poses for longer duration) and the use of bolsters to provide support in holding the poses. There is a strong emphasis on relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.


The classes are suitable for people of any age or condition who are looking for a style of yoga to release stress and tension through gentle exercise, or people recovering from a medical or psychological condition, as this style of practice will help restore physical and mental balance and invoke a sense of calm.

Restorative yoga classes are of one hour duration and are scheduled on the second Friday of the month.

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