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Yoga Classes

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can be described as stillness in motion, or a form of moving meditation that leaves you feeling calm and centered.  It is a wonderful way of stilling the mind and slowing life down.

Because yoga focuses on finding your internal center through focused breathing and concentration, the benefits are many and widespread.  It is common to find that a yoga practice creates more equanimity and internal silence, making dealing with the stresses of life more manageable.  The effectiveness of yoga lies in its simplicity of process, its ability to evoke a sense of wholeness, balance and calm.  During the class, we work at tuning into our body in that present moment, and then begin to open and strengthen through breath and movement.

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is its ability to teach complete relaxation, so necessary in our modern world.  Relaxation is more than a key to surviving, it is a key to living, as stress is a major factor of disease in the western world.  So perhaps one of yoga’s greatest contributions to mental and physical health is preventative, as yoga represents a stress management practice that addresses the more fundamental issues which predispose us to illness.

Some other benefits of a regular yoga practice include:

  • Increased strength, flexibility, balance, agility and stamina

  • Improved physical, psychological and physiological health 

  • Enhanced body tone

  • Release of physical, mental and emotional tension

  • Improved sleep and the ability to relax

  • Mental and emotional clarity

  • Increased energy

  • Deeper sense of self

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